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lulliby of julie-land

by Julie Raine

Joolee eating strawberries, San Francisco, 2008

We were introduced by mutual friends.  We both needed a roommate for the season, so our friends connected us via email.   Two Julies, one room and one great friendship began!  Never in my life did I dream that I’d be Co-Empress of Julie Land with someone so worthy.  But if anyone can Co-Empress, it is Aurand.   Her specialty is compassion, always there with a sympathetic ear.  Through the good and the bad, Joolee always makes a person feel better about life after a good chat.

She also was in charge of the glitter and that meant the fun.  Her energy level is phenomenal from running miles and miles by day to organizing game show parties and dance pants madness at night.  But her real specialty is candy.  That girl can eat candy like no one I’ve ever seen before!  Morning, noon, night –  if it is a sugary confection it is fair game.

I remember one evening in our room when I was sleeping up in my loft-bunk., I heard the door to the room squeak open, footsteps come in and the sounds of sheets rustling as Joolee slipped into her bed below.  Then a long pause before I started to hear the crinkling of plastic- like a small mouse rummaging through a cupboard.  Crinkle, crinkle, a big sigh and then the happy sounds of someone sinking their teeth into a chocolate bar.   I drifted back to sleep to these sounds, realizing my Co-Empress mouse roomie had dug into the new stash of Christmas treats that her mom had sent.  What I did not realize until the morning, was that this Christmas mouse had devoured the entire box of treats in one fell swoop!  Poof!  Gone!  Awe inspiring!

Since then, we’ve all learned to keep a big bowl of sweets at the ready to feed that mouse at any time of the day or night.  Perhaps it is the sugar that sweetens her personality, but I think she is the one that makes life sweeter!  Happy 40th my dearest Co-Empress!  May we rule the world the Julie/Joolee way for 40 more as friends!

3 comments on “lulliby of julie-land

  1. joolee
    March 11, 2012

    Here, here! Yes, let’s rule JulieLand hand-in-hand forEVERRRR! Only nice people allowed in. Heeheee… make-a me laugh, Julie Raine! My mom is right here, and she says “That is so cute!” You made her laugh, too. Thanks, Roomie! Take your dance pants off and have a wonderful day! And come to AK this summer! oxox

  2. Ralph
    March 16, 2012

    Is Julie saying that the two of you will rule until you are 80? That is not fair…that is called a dictatorship!!! The people will revolt!!

    • joolee
      March 19, 2012

      Ah ha! I just accidentally found this comment! Why yes, I believe that IS what she is saying! And technically, if it’s a shared power, I don’t think is called a dictatorship (I could make a rude joke here, that would make YOU very uncomfortable, but Emporesses must be better than that…we must be kind to our subjects). We shall benevolently grant YOU, Mr. Masties, any court position that you desire…duke? count? jester, perhaps?!?!

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