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africa by motorbike

by Hanli Bezuidenhout

I was innocently sitting at home in a small town called Ellisras in the Limpopo province of South Africa when I received a phone call from a friend that he is coming over to introduce me to someone.  (I drove a BMW F650 GS at the time and believed it was the best thing on 2 wheels. He on the other hand drove a Yamaha 350, small little bike and I used to make fun of him a lot.) Anyway, when I got outside I was introduced to Joolee (whom he just met outside a filling station) and her wonderful bike named Spetey (Yamaha 350). Spetey was dressed to kill with a top box, backpack, tank bag and of course a map of Africa.

I had to learn that Joolee has bought Spetey in Cape town, drove all the way up, through Namibia, through Botswana ending up in Ellisras. That is roughly 2520km!!! Believe me even the iron butts cannot sit that out on Spetey. Needless to say we hit it off from the start (who doesn’t with Joolee?). We went to a bush camp close by where a survivor serious was being filmed, and Joolee got herself the position of being cook. Did major sand driving and had a lot of laughs.

That was close to the end of Joolee’s trip and as she was planning to come back to South Africa we agreed that I will take care of Spetey in her absence.

Joolee and Hanli on with their bikes.

Jools returned in two years’ time where again we went camping and canoeing on the banks of the Mogol river. There was a type of Lapa and we were too lazy to pitch tents, so we decided to sleep under the Lapa. That night a true bush veld storm broke loose and all the water streamed through the Lapa. We had nowhere to run as the lightning was so bad, and nowhere to hide!! The next day we pitched the tents but that night we were woken up by a lonely hippo walking around the tents peacefully grazing. Eish!!

Joolee returned once more after that, now about 6 to 7 years ago…

I have to share the only Afrikaans phrase that she managed to learn.  For the record I did not teach her that, but nearly killed myself laughing the first time. Whenever she would not like what you are saying she will say:” Ag, gan kak in die mielies!!”  (You will have to get her to translate!)

Joolz!! I cannot believe you are 40!!! However I know it will be the youngest 40 anyone can be!!

Congratulations my friend!! You are by far the most amazing person I know and I know with age you will not only be like a good wine, having good flavours, but also like a bad wine having stronger and stronger spirits!

I love you dearly and Spetey and myself cannot wait for your return!

5 comments on “africa by motorbike

  1. Bridget
    March 31, 2012

    Lady, you are a badass!

  2. pachoulijoolee
    March 31, 2012

    Hannaleee…so good to see your cute lil face! Aaah, your wine analogy makes me think of Stellenbosch, where I first met (and acquired) lil Spetey…this makes me miss you both even more! Ooh, and mealy meal at the braai…you introduced me to that, too! You have started my day in the most delicious fashion…thanks so much for this! We are well-overdue for a visit, so let’s resume talks of your visit to AK…I need to squeeze you soon! xoxoxox, joolz
    p.s. how far are you behind me on this 40 thing? i know it’s several yrs…:)

  3. Hanli
    April 5, 2012

    I am awaiting instruction, you just say when!!

    And a lady never tells!!! but I can tell you we will have to make the visit soon as my ackes and pains are more every day!!

    • pachoulijoolee
      April 7, 2012

      Hey, don’t make me Google you…surely your b-day is on the internet somewhere 😉

      How are you spending your Easter weekend, medearie?

  4. Hanli
    June 1, 2012

    My goodness, I never got the notification!!! Can you believe we are in the middel of the year!!! And we apoke last in April!!

    Let me know when your season is over. Then we will make plans! I am saving up for the trip in the meen time…

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