joolee's forty

forty days. forty stories.

pardon the pause

Looking for more stories from Joolee’s Forty? Didn’t find a new story today? (It’s true: we had a brief hiatus this week to accumulate material and give the web administrator and his lovely girlfriend (Joolee) time to prepare for their trip to Europe.)

Come back on Saturday, March 31 when we begin the final stretch to Joolee’s birthday with the final ten stories from some of the big names in Joolee’s world. That’s right, Joolee’s Forty is no longer accepting contributors (for now). But you’ve still got time to send Joolee a wish on the Wishes page before her birthday. Meanwhile enjoy the final ten!

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Joolee has a lot of friends. We’ve got forty days. We’re looking for the forty most iconic tales and illuminating anecdotes to share with the whole lot. Got one? Know someone we overlooked? Suggest a story.

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joolee's birthdayApril 9, 2012
days till Joolee's forty
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