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forty days. forty stories.


Joolee turns forty on April 9. After working in six or seven states and at least five countries, not to mention traveling over forty countries on all seven continents from the South Pole to the Slovakia, Juniata to Johannesburg, Joolee has a lot of friends. Remarkably, in all that wayfaring, it’s her special talent to keep those friendships strong. But that means bringing the whole lot of us together for a birthday party isn’t very practical.

You’re invited to help celebrate her birthday with a web-based project called joolee’s forty. On each of the forty days leading up to her fortieth birthday, we’ll post a new story about Joolee. We hope to assemble a cross-section of the best tales from all her stints and adventures, written by family, friends, and fellow-travellers. Forty days. Forty stories.

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  1. joolee
    March 20, 2012

    This is the best present EVER! Thanks Bilby, and Mom, and all you guys writing stories!!!!!

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Joolee has a lot of friends. We’ve got forty days. We’re looking for the forty most iconic tales and illuminating anecdotes to share with the whole lot. Got one? Know someone we overlooked? Suggest a story.

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