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easier ways to make a milk shake

by Donna Aurand

Do you remember the time we were riding in my car on Big Ridge and we hit a COW? You and Kristen were in the back seat, Jeanette in the front.  You and Kris went sliding onto the floor, but no one got hurt.  The girls at work told me there were easier ways to make a milk shake.

I hope you have a happy birthday !! Can’t believe you’re forty !
Love,   Aunt Donna

One comment on “easier ways to make a milk shake

  1. joolee
    March 10, 2012

    Do I remember that?!?! Are you kidding, Aunt Donna? It’s emblazoned in my brain forever…that was a very clever way for you to teach us the lesson about always wearing your seatbelt :o). I’m glad you never decided to teach us gun safety, or venomous snake handling, heheh. Thanks for the story…I’m so impressed! You actually wrote to me! Oh, and I forgot–I found a cat for you…I’m sending it home with Mom and Harv. You can thank me later! Love you!

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