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Sharon Legenza

Sharon Legenza in Jennie McCardle's garden, Pennsylvania.

Sharon grew up in Omaha, Nebraska with her brother Ray, who later married Joolee’s sister, Jeannette; hence Joolee and Sharon enjoy co-auntie status to Mitchell and Drew Legenza.

Sharon worked in Anchorage for spell and enjoyed taking trips around Alaska with Joolee, Jeannette, Ray and the boys.

She currently practices law with the Fair Housing Project in Chicago.

2 comments on “Sharon Legenza

  1. joolee
    March 22, 2012

    Sharon also has dabbled in the fine art of birch basket making, and just might currently hold the Legenza Household Cataan Championship Title (and accompanying medal). But not for long…. 🙂

  2. Jennie- Mom
    March 22, 2012

    Sharon is also known to like licorice and chocolate ! She’s a really super Auntie to itchell and Andrew !

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