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Ray Legenza

With credentials as a fighter pilot, flight surgeon, ER doc, combat fisherman, do-it-yourself carpenter and wilderness survivalist, it’s hard to imagine how Ray Legenza could end up second fiddle to anyone in the eyes of his two boys under ten. But somehow, whenever Aunt Joolee rappels into Eagle River, AK, Ray graciously manages to give up the spotlight while Joolee takes the boys on another adventure (Joolee has the boys believing that hiking summits in bear country and trekking on glaciers with crampons are as much a part of normal growing up as soccer practice and piano lessons).

Ray grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and enjoyed not one, but two careers in the military, first as a pilot, then as a flight surgeon. The second assignment brought he and the family to Alaska, where Ray now works in the Emergency Rooms around Anchorage when he’s not making improvements to the property on the Kenai Peninsula.

One comment on “Ray Legenza

  1. joolee
    March 5, 2012

    …and in his spare time, Dr. Legenza likes to use the playhouse, sometimes as a tiki bar, or other times just to water the fake plants in the tiny windowboxes. Heheh.

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