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Heater Action

by Annie Bole

Heater Action

I hit the jackpot my freshman year at Shippensburg, when I was assigned a dorm room on a floor mostly comprised of upperclassmen, who welcomed us right into their group.  Julie’s room at the end of the hall next to the heater was a common gathering place.  There was no greater place to play cards, talk, occasionally study, and laugh.  A lot.

Getting some “heater action” as some of us called it was how I got to know Julie better and learn that she was always up for anything.  Many Thursday nights, we would traipse off to parties over on Orange Street and not return until the wee hours of the morning.  That was when Julie proved herself to be the Renaissance woman we all know her to be.  No matter how often she went out, she always (or almost always) made it to class, and did very well in school.

Las Vegas

We cast our net a little farther the next summer when an opportunity presented itself to follow the Dead and sell t-shirts.  Again, Julie jumped at the chance for an adventure and offered to let us travel the country in her station wagon, which was a very good thing since no one else had a car.  Even though the wagon’s turn signals only worked intermittently, we barely had any money, and a very loose plan, we somehow made it home safe and sound with a lot of great memories.

I don’t get to see Julie very often, but when I do I absolutely love that we pick up right where we left off.  It always feels like we were hanging out on the heater or I was her co-pilot in the wagon yesterday instead of 20 years ago.

Happy 40th Julie!!!!


Annie Bo

8 comments on “Heater Action

  1. joolee
    March 17, 2012

    Annie-Bo! Deeeelicious to hear from you! If I recall correctly, and Jason can chime in here, we owe that whole Grateful Dead summer to YOU! Whooziwhat had the shirts, I had the car, and Jason got the pop-up, but you were the glue that brought us all together! I also remember a time on the 2nd leg of the trip (I just made that up…I’m thinking Leg 1 to Vegas, Leg 2 back to SU, Leg 3 to Chicago(?), and Leg 4 back again). But I digress…2nd leg of the trip, now just 3 of us, and all fighting hard to keep eyes open, so we stopped at a Long John Silver’s hoping the sustenance would perk us up, but it didn’t help much, and technically it was your turn, so not only did you have to drive, but I don’t think either one of us could even stay awake to chat with and entertain you! Do you remember that? Gosh Bo, I miss ya!

  2. Jason Bowman
    March 17, 2012

    It was indeed Annie-Bo’s plan! I forgot all about that nasty Long Johns meal…yuck.

  3. Annie Bole
    March 17, 2012

    Your recall is amazing, Julie. That was my first and last Long Johns meal. I was so sleep deprived during that leg of the trip that as you and Jason were taking a snooze in the back I thought some orange construction pylons were a group of Hawaiian men sitting in lounge chairs. I miss ya too!

  4. Annie Bole
    March 17, 2012

    Please note Joanne’s hockey hair with cig hanging out of her mouth in the Heater Action pic. Classic.

    • joolee
      March 18, 2012

      Duly noted, Bo! I would poke more fun, but since the next picture has me wearing a nightie over cut-off waffly long-johns, in a casino, I might refrain from fashion-teasing, heheh.

    • JoAnne OConnor
      March 19, 2012

      jeez…i needed a hair intervention so bad in ship…thank goodness my hair and fashion have evolved…i hope in a good way 😎

      • joolee
        March 20, 2012

        Teeheee….I kind of miss the hockey hair 😦

  5. Jennie- Mom
    March 17, 2012

    So glad you posted Annie ! I just remember a corn-row braided Annie heading out to be a Deadhead with the gang. How beautifully you’ve grown ! 2 kids and a social worker sure must keep you busy ! Thanks for finding time to post so I can catch up with you. Loved seeing you . Jennie Mom

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